‘Writers don’t get paid,’ says Bharti Singh, jokingly saying that Harsh Limbachia is still sorry for marrying him. See

Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachia pull each other out in their new video for their YouTube channel LOL – Life of Limbachiyaas. In the clip, they answered questions about their child. Currently expecting first child.

The first question is whether the child will become a comedian like Bharati or a writer like Harsha. “Green Comedian Hoka Kyungi Writers Ko Paise Nahi Milde. Aur comedians ko… uff uff uff (writers are child comedians because they are not paid. Comedians, meanwhile, speak as a source), ”he said.

Harsh points to the high writing budget for Amazon Prime and Netflix shows, saying, “Itne paise milde hai ki utne May 5-6 Bharti Singh Aa Jaaye (you can get that much money, of which 5-6 Bharti Singhs. Sum).”

Bharathi said that if Harsh had such a problem with comedians, they should stop acting and he should focus only on writing. “Tum ja ke liko teevaran pe, ‘yahan pe kasra mat fengo’, ‘yahan parking parking karo’ (write awareness messages on the wall – ‘do not litter here’, ‘do not stop here’)” he said. Addressing the audience, he said, “Aap b hume kisi langer me tekenge fir. ‘Mama, Dena Roti’ (later, you will see us asking for food at the gurudwara) “

Bharathi said that if they want the experience of parents, Harsh has expressed his desire to have more children. “Sapsi todi hai ki agar kayenge aur masa aya sabko to aur pana lenge! Aise nahi hota. Main Itne Mahine Kar Nahi Bait Shakti, Main Ek Independent Ladki Hoon (Let’s do more if everyone tastes not curry. It’s not like that. Can’t sit at home for so many months, I’m an independent woman).

When Harsh told her to overtake her own mother who had three children, Bharti joked, “Ma do meri silver fire, main silver nahi hoon (I had a lot of time in my mother’s hands, but I didn’t).”

When asked what the baby would look like, Harsh pointed to himself. Bharathi was amused to see her husband’s weight, and if so, a wind could blow the baby away.

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Harsh said he did not want physical shame, but wanted the baby to be beautiful. “Agar Main Itni Hi Patti Aur Achchi Nahi Dikti Dee To Mujhse Shaadi Kyun Ki (If I Were So Bad, Why Did You Marry Me)?” Bharti asked. “Bagal, timak karab ho kaya da mera, aaj tak bastawa ho raha hai mujhe (I was crazy, I lost my mind, I regret thinking of my decision till today)” he joked.

Currently, Bharti and Harsh are co-hosting a reality show called HonorPass. The talent hunt will be moderated by Karan Johar, Parineeti Chopra and Mithun Chakraborty.

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