Working with Prakash Jaw helped relieve stress: Prasanth Gupta | Bollywood

Although part of such acclaimed projects நீர்ஜா (2016) and Tashkent Files (2019), and has been a part of Bollywood for more than 15 years, denying the fact that actor Prashant Gupta is not in the minds of most filmmakers.

Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. Rarely. But the people here are certainly sympathetic, and sometimes judgmental or straightforward. I asked a great producer outsider, ‘Why are you trying and wasting your dad’s hard earned money?’ Of course I got some great opportunities, some and occasionally, but it does not change the overall situation in which the industry thrives through family relationships and support, ”explains Gupta, who landed on OTT space. Special Apps Now waiting for his next show, Ashram Chapter 3.

He has his upcoming project close to his heart and praises director Prakash Jawa for it. “It was an honor to work with him. This experience has helped me deal with the anxiety and depression I have been facing for a long time, ”says Gupta, who finds no difference in working on movies and web shows. Why did they ask? He further explains, “Acting is acting. In fact, these days even pictures are released on OTT sites. So, there is no difference. ”

Although many artists regret staying home for the last two years of the epidemic, Gupta has a different story to tell. “The first three months were better. For the first time in all the years I was in Mumbai, ‘Who, Main Kar Mein Kyun Baida Hoon? I have to be in the shooting. ‘ In fact, I would say to myself, ‘Abi Do Shahrukh (Khan; actor) Aur Akshay (Kumar; actor) P Kar Baide Hain’, ”the actor laughs,“ to grow as a poet, he used the time. Start writing a short film and a novel.


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