Working together for the V-Day track is so special: Sundeep and Kanchan

Lucknow-based musician duo Sandeep Goswami and Kanchan Srivas tie the knot in a simple ceremony after the second wave of the epidemic and celebrate Valentine’s Day on Monday.

The singer-songwriter couple, who have recently come up with their first love anthem, are currently planning to celebrate their day off in Ujjain better.

Goswami composed music for such films Bindi Bazaar Inc., Blue Mountain And Famous, Says “Music is the deep connection between us. We got to know each other through music when I composed his solo Kambak Jawani. Music alone united us, and during the second plague we decided to get into trouble and began our journey as a life partner. We collaborate on writing, composing, singing and acting together.

Apart from singles, Srivas has sung the title song of the OTT series Blood transfusion Was part of the songs in such movies கலங்க And good news. “The first V-day was definitely very special to me and I presented him with a list of requests and now I am waiting to see how many of them will be fulfilled. We planned this holiday to visit Mahakal, Ujjain and Omkareshwar. Now is the time for us! ” She says.

For the month of love, the duet was recently sung Kashi Kaba Written by Srivas and composed by Goswami. “We originally created this before the wedding, but it came out well, so it was filmed in Uttarakhand, and it was released as a V-Day special, and it works well on music apps and FMs. We are coming up with another Shivratri and Holi song. So, we will keep more music numbers together and music will be our bonding force, ”says Sundeep, who is composing music for the upcoming film. 3 Dev The other is unnamed.

Kanzan recalled that he came alone last year தேரி பாங்கே There Goswami supported her well. “Now it’s great to work together as a couple for the V-Day track. We’ve been coming up soon with new singles, love and club songs for the big labels. Also, the icing on the cake is that we’re doing live shows together,” he adds.

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