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The love for Bollywood’s patriotic films dates back many decades. Although filmmakers were involved in such films in the post-independence period, their tone and mood changed dramatically in the early 2000s.

On the one hand, we had films that glorified the most emotional patriotism, such as Khader (2001) and The Legend of Bhagat Singh (2002), on the other hand, which included Swades, Lakshya (both 2004) and Rang De Basanti (2006). New definition of aspiration India.

As every year, a series of patriotic themed films including war dramas and spy thrillers are emerging this year – Major, Tejas, Mary Desh Ki Tardi, Pippa, Sam Bahadur, Attack and Mission Majnu.

Siddharth Roy Kapoor, producer and president of the Indian Producers Association, a supporter of the war film Pippa, hopes that audiences will be interested in India’s rich history and, therefore, filmmakers will tap into and continue this genre. “We are curious about where we stand in history and how it has shaped our present. The themes of patriotism and war are in keeping with the collective sense of the audience. We want to know who our heroes are through cinema,” he shares.

For actress Rahul Preet Singh, who played a key role in the action thriller Attack, the joy of being a part of this type of film was unparalleled as her father was in the army. . “I am very proud to watch a patriotic film. The beauty of films is that they have the power to evoke that feeling in people, ”he says.

Producer Amar Pudala, who is producing the patriotic film Mission Majnu, which is inspired by real events, believes that filmmakers should be responsible when making such projects as patriotic films remind audiences of chapters in their textbooks. . “We have to make movies entertaining, and when revisiting a story, our priority should always be to pay homage to our men in war,” he explains.

Actor Adivi Chesh, who plays the protagonist in Major, agrees with Pudala and emphasizes that acting as a martyr comes with a huge responsibility: “One tends to take home all the responsibility, emotions and weightage that comes with being a martyr. However, it is a matter of honor and pride to portray the life of someone who is truly selfless.

Producer and film business expert Kris Johar is adamant that this genre will never perish. “Indians are a very emotional people. We are very passionate about our homeland and patriotism is very high during Republic Day and Independence Day. So, it gives us pride and gratitude to see such a film, ”he says.

Producer and film business expert Kris Johar says the genre will never die, adding, “As Indians we are passionate about our homeland. So, it gives us pride to see films like this, ”he says, adding that the success rate of films like this is particularly high. “This genre has evolved and today, patriotic films are becoming more realistic in their treatment. Audiences enjoy watching untold stories and the evidence is Madras Cafe (2013), Burmanu: The Story of Pokhran (2018), Sher Shah and Sardar Udham (both 2021).

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