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Actor Tahir Raj Pasin, What I really enjoy about the present time in the world of entertainment is how it turns together, there are no boundaries anymore.

He may have started his career in movies, but he quickly realized the importance of OTTs in the entertainment space of Tahir Rajpas and continues to interact with both media.

The ’83 (2021) The actor believes that the time when people do not take OTTs seriously is long gone.

“I think the change started in the West,” says Pasin, who recently starred in web projects Loop Labeda, Ranjish Hi Sahi And Yeh Kali Kali Angin.

The 34-year-old further explains, “If you have icons like Brad Pitt, Al Pacino and Ryan Gosling working in OTTs, that’s a sign. The differences have begun to fade. What happened in the West a few years ago is happening in India now. I certainly feel that the epidemic was a catalyst for what might have taken 7 years to happen here.

I’m really excited about the current time in the world of entertainment, and Pasin shares how it turns out together, there are no boundaries anymore.

“Now you can both become a movie star and an OTT star. Couldn’t even think of this a few years ago. There were TV actors and movie actors and it was a clear distinction. You can be one, not two. But now an actor from OTT can be a movie star and vice versa. We have the same technicians working for us, ”he added.

Since there are so many offers on different platforms, there is a lingering concern, what will happen to quality and what will one do for quality control?

“I know at least four A-list directors working on the web in 2022. That means the quality at OTT will not go down. This is not about actor Kaha Bar Hai, but can you maintain the quality of good OTT content. And the answer is yes,” he concludes.

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