Why didn’t father Sunil Shetty want to make a film for Aahan Shetty? Bollywood

The young actor will occasionally want to collaborate with his father in the future, but thinks now is not the right time

It is not a new phenomenon that star children in Hindi cinema get a dream introduction by their acting dads. But actor Ahan Shetty did not want his first film to be bought by his father actor Sunil Shetty. In fact, the actor, who made his debut with Thaddeus (2021), insists that he did not want to make a film for him in the early years of his career.

Talking about how he wants to create an important place for himself based on his own merit, he tells us, “I do not want to put that kind of pressure on my father. I feel like when you work with family, you lose that professional feeling because you want them to do everything right and agree with them. I do not want the line between relationships and career to blur.

However, he quickly adds that he is looking forward to cooperating with him one day in the last phase of his career. “In the future, if my father wanted to be a producer on a film I was working on, I would love it. But it is good that my family is not interfering in what I am doing at the moment, ”he says.

Coming from a family of actors comes with its own perks, Ahan agrees to it. But the films do not play a big role in talking about his family’s creative inputs, especially from his father and sister, actor Adiya Shetty, about the opportunities that come to him.

“I go to them with scripts because they’re in a fraternity like me. But that’s not all we talk about. In fact, we try to talk as little as possible about the film industry. It’s important for us not to bring work home,” the 26-year-old signed.

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