When Pawan Kalyan leaves in a car, he puts his signature lungi step and infuriates the fans. Watch the video

Actor Pawan Kalyan recently got in his car in a new video and did his signature lungi step. On social media sites, fans of the actor have shared the video, which is going viral. In the video, Pawan can be seen walking towards his car on the set of one of his upcoming projects.

As he approached the vehicle, he kicked Lungi with his foot and then grabbed it with his hand, amidst the cheers of his fans around him. He smiled back before getting into the car.

In the clip, Pawan can be seen riding in a luxury Mercedes-Maybach car as he exits the shooting spot. Fans who shared the clip on Twitter wrote that the actor is well aware of the pulse of his fans.

Meanwhile, Pawan is awaiting the release of Telugu film Bhimala Nayak, which is set to release in theaters across the world on February 25. The film is a remake of the Malayalam blockbuster Ayyappan and Koshy.

Ayyappan and Koshi tell the story of its protagonists Iyappan Nair and Koshi Kurien, who lock the horns on an incident and their ego takes them on a wild journey. Biju Menon played Ayyappan Nair, a policeman with impeccable records, while Prithviraj was seen as Koshi Kurien, a retired Army Havildar who had served for 16 years.

Pawan Kalyan will play the role of Ayyappan Nair played by Biju Menon again. Rana Tagupathi plays the role of Prithviraj. This is the first time the two have worked together. Ayyappan and Koshy came out as a box office hit, starring as the father of director Ranjith Prithviraj. Gauri Nanda and Anna Reshma Rajan played the lead roles.

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Ayyappan and Koshy are said to have won at the box office 30 crore. The film is also being remade in Tamil. The film is to be remade in Tamil starring Sasikumar and Sarathkumar. It is not yet known who will write which character. Producer Kathiresan has acquired the rights to the Tamil remake.

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