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With the release of the third season of his web series Abhay approaching, actor Kunal Kemmu has stepped into advertising mode for the role he has played more than any other in his career. “We are still two different people, but we know each other well,” Kunal says while chatting with the Hindustan Times about the show. Along the way, Abhay talks about getting emotional and watching thrillers with his wife Soha Ali Khan and how his daughter Inaya Naumi Kemmu reacts to his and Soha’s screen work. (read more: Abhay3 Trailer: Kunal returns to hunt down twisted killers, Vijay Ross shines)

Abhay is a criminal process in which he plays a character named Kunal – ACP Abhay Pratap Singh – Uttar Pradesh Police who handles violent crimes. Kunal and his wife – actor Soha Ali Khan – are both huge fans of the thriller genre, so they agree that they like to watch shows like this. But at the age of four, their daughter Inaya is too young for that. “Abhay she has to go a long way. I think I will start her in things like Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke,” Kunal introduces Inaya in her work.

Iniya understands what Mommy and Daddy are doing, but the actor admits that he does not know how much he understands or absorbs. He says, “She really does not enjoy much screen time. It’s good. She loves books more than watching TV. So, I do not think she’s seen us on TV in any of our jobs. She’s only watching Peppa Pig. I kept saying ‘good job uncle’ and ‘dad you go and act’. I don’t know if she fully understood that. “

Still Kunal Kemmu in Season 3 of Abhay.
Still Kunal Kemmu in Season 3 of Abhay.

However, she can recognize Papa when he sees her on the screen or in the poster. Kunal recalls a funny incident that happened when Iniya saw Abhay’s poster, “She knows we’re going to work, getting dressed and playing parts not ourselves. I remember the Abhay Season 2 poster was pasted,” he said. ‘That’s Papa!’ But we added, ‘Why does he look so angry?’ Then, Dad pretends to be a cop, and we make her understand whose job it is to intimidate people. So, she has the idea that we should do something where we respect her and dress differently. Make clothes and different hairstyles from time to time. “

One of the most notable aspects of Abhay is that most of the cases shown in this series are inspired by real crimes. Kunal admits that these violent crimes are based on reality. He says, “Now that I’ve done this for over two years, I was shocked and amazed during the filming of one episode. When I read the first two episodes, I was like, ‘Of course!’ They say the truth is weirder than fiction. How did this happen? When you’ve been there, you’ve realized in your head that this thing really happened. It affects you. “

The pilot episode of the show featured a case inspired by the infamous Nithari massacre, which had a very profound effect on Kunal. He describes it as, “I was almost devastated when we filmed an episode of Season One about gruesome crime against children. You guys. It was 3am then, I was shooting for 16-17 hours. I got it all together, and by the time it was over, it had stayed with me for two days.”

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Kunal knows Abhay better than his other characters as he has acted in that role for three seasons with eight episodes each. That is, he began to think like a policeman, or so his wife Soha believes. He tells us, “My family says you’re starting to think like a cop now, because the mind is starting to work that way. She’s a huge fan of the genre, so she’s always been five steps ahead of me. Sometimes this contest is to see if I can guess it first or if she can. “

The third season of Abhay will be screened on April 8, 2022 on Zee5. Directed by Ken Ghosh, the series also stars Vijay Ross, Asha Negi, Rahul Dev, Tanuj Virwani, Vidya Malwade, Divya Agarwal and Nithi Singh.

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