When her family informed me that Zeenat Aman was not allowed to attend her husband Mazar Khan’s funeral, they tried to punish me | Bollywood

Actor Zeenat Aman spoke to Simi Karewal about his marriage to Masar Khan and his family’s refusal to allow him to attend his funeral.

The personal life of actor Zeenat Aman has always been discussed in the newspapers. From the year he debuted in acting, until the latter part of his career, Zeenat’s relationship with other actors and his marital status were always of interest to his fans. In 1999, Zeenat sat down with Simi Karewal on the Rendezvous episode and talked about her marriage to Mazar Khan. (Read more: Zeenat Aman’s ‘fan’ Madhur Bandarkar shares her picture from Dubai, calling her the ‘original sexy diva’)

Mazar was an actor who starred in films like Shaan and later starred in the hit TV serial Puniyat. He married Zeenat in 1985, and the couple has two sons – Asan Khan and Jahan Khan. They separated in 1998 before he died. He said he was addicted to the prescribed drugs and had no desire.

Speaking about Mazar’s death and how her family reacted to her, she told the host, “Simi, I’m not ready to die. I fought hard for him to survive. I hoped he would get a kidney, and I hoped he would live. And so his death ”

He added, “The worst part is that they did not allow me to pay my last respects. His mother and sister. They tried to punish me for leaving him. It was like a bad Fellini movie. Because it was someone I had given so many years of my life to. He is the father of my children, I asked if I could ிடம் to me, ‘No, you can not come. Can’t come to pay last respects. ‘ There was so much anger and bitterness and hatred.

Zeenat also spoke about the reason for marrying him in the first place. “At the time, I was ready for motherhood above all else. I felt my biological clock ticking and I really wanted to have kids. This is the main reason I got married because I truly believe that the only reason to get married is a family. At that point I was ready for it. So I did.

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