Vivan Shah, son of Naseeruddin Shah, recalls being asked why he is struggling in his studies: ‘Actor Hi Paneka’ | Bollywood

Vivan Shaw, an actor and novelist, said in his childhood that a schoolmate told him that he did not need to study because he wanted to be an actor. In a new interview, Vivan said he has wanted to be ‘anything but an actor’ ever since. He also spoke about the advice of his parents, actors Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak Shah. He was told to focus on his craft, without chasing ‘success and stardom’. Vian also has a brother, actor-singer Imad Shah. (Read more | I wanted to create a comic book as a child, Vivan Shaw reveals)

Vivan said many have a desire to be actors. He called it ‘an important part of our lives and culture’ and felt the need to be grateful to be in this field. Vivan said he has been a full-time actor ever since.

In an interview with the Free Press Journal, Vivan said, “There was a rebellious attitude at play that was expected of me at school. As we all read our boards, I remember one thing that saddened me the most, when a child was very accommodating to me and said, ‘Are you kyun pat raha hai, du do actor hi paneka (why do you study? You become one. Actor only) ‘. That’s when I said I would be an actor. It was a bit fun and youthful, which lasted a long time until I actually worked in the industry. When I was done, I told myself to shut up. I think you’re lucky to be in this business. “

“My colleagues advised me to make sure I was a leading man and a leading star. I accepted it as an impressive young man. On the other hand, my parents never noticed that thought. They always told me, ‘Don’t listen to those idiots. Be that as it may, it is going to keep you in a good position, not any nostalgia or chase for success, stardom and all sorts of disgusting things like this.If you are interested in acting you should be an actor, not just to be a star after fame and fortune.

Vivan made his debut as Arun Kumar through Chad Koon Maaf (2011). She has also starred in Happy New Year (2014), Bombay Velvet (2015), Lali Ki Shaadi Mein Ladoo Deewana (2017), Kot and Kabat The Coin (2020). Vivan also starred as Varun Mehra in A Suitable Boy (2020). He has written two novels so far – Living Hell and Midnight Freeway.

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