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Thriller-drama Jalsa, Released today on Amazon Prime, marks the first collaboration between actors Vidya Balan and Shebali Shah. Balan, who plays a journalist in the film, praised his co-star and said, “I always admire Shebali. [on screen]. I was glad we worked together on this project. It’s fulfilling when working with an actor like him. Unfortunately, we did not have many shots together.

Shaw, on the other hand, talks about how Shorny (2021) The actor encouraged him both professionally and personally. She says, “I remember her (Balan) Hum Punch (TV show), and my first thought was, ‘Who is this sunshine?’ I have met her before at parties and screenings, but we have never been close. Occasionally we call each other if they like the work they do. Not only is she an amazing actress, she is a beautiful man. She is a woman who inspires [everyone]. ”

Balan who came in thrillers like Kahani (2012) and Te3n (2016), he reveals that he was inspired by this genre: “I like the Edge of the Seat thrillers. This is one of my favorites. I want to qualify Jalsa As a dramatic thriller, I think this is a very unique place for me as I explore in gray (area) with my character for the first time.

Directed by Suresh Triveni, Shah plays a raging mother. Glad the role of a mother in today’s world is so subtle, says the 49-year-old, “Unfortunately, like in real life, mothers are identified by a relationship they share with the primary character, not the individual.” A mom is now a complete character, it comes across [more clearly now] Because of writing and creation. I am a mother, I have both good and ugly.

Theaters are now open, and plenty of movies are set to be released on the big screen. Ask if they are scared JalsaReleased on OTT and not in theaters, Balan, 43, said, “No! This is for a global audience. Both the story and the story are global. I’m very happy to be able to take this to 240 countries. Be, and its fate will not be determined by the collections it makes on the first weekend.We all want to be a part of global cinema.

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