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The Fame Game Web Series starring Madhuri Dixit premiered on Netflix on Friday. In two days, the eight-episode series has been viewed by countless more, and many were surprised by the shocking twist that occurred in the final episode of the show. The Fame Game is a thriller about the disappearance of Bollywood superstar Anamika Anand (Madhuri). It tells how the secret layers surrounding her life are revealed as investigations into her disappearance progress. (Read more: The Fame Game Review: Madhuri Dixit-led Netflix series is a deceptive mystery)

Although the true identity of who was really behind Anamika’s disappearance became clear in some episodes of the show, both fans and critics said they were shocked by the sudden turnaround in the final episode.

Spoilers for Fame Game follow.

In the fifth or sixth episode, most viewers said they could find out who was the mastermind behind Anamika’s disappearance. But in the final moments of the show he turned that theory upside down by turning the partner upside down, much to the shock of the audience. “The main plot may be half predictable for obvious reasons, but it’s the climax twist that stuns you,” one viewer tweeted.

Reactions to The Fame Game on Twitter.
Reactions to The Fame Game on Twitter.
Reactions to The Fame Game on Twitter.
Reactions to The Fame Game on Twitter.

Many expressed their admiration on Twitter for writing the twists and turns of the show and the climax scene. Read a tweet saying “The Twist !!! I’m not ready for #thefamegame”. Saying this was captivating, one viewer wrote, “Binge watched the entire #TheFameGame last night, and I’m still recovering from it. It was great, but at the same time captivating!” Some called the twist better than the much-talked-about twist from Kehran, which was released two weeks ago. Film critic Jojinar Dudeja tweeted, “When you think the twist on #Gehraiyaan is shocking, another @karanjohar production #TheFameGame brings an absolutely surprising twist.”

Fans were amazed at the performance of the betrayed model in the climax scene and many said they wanted to help the character. “What a twist in the end. Aha !!. I wanted to jump inside and break the shutter,” one fan tweeted, noting Anamika’s futile attempts to escape in the final episode. Another tweeted, “My God the climax was really goosebumps, giving #MadhuriDixit an amazing performance.”

Twist leaves Anamika at the mercy of the kidnapper once again. After reaching a logical conclusion, as the story ended on a cliff, many viewers felt that the second season was now certain. One fan tweeted, “The last twist of the story … off caught. Can’t wait to see next season now.” OMFG What a twist !! Can’t wait for season 2, “echoed another.

Many viewers who did not finish watching the show longed to see the spoilers being thrown on social media. “If I still see a #FameGame spoiler, I choose violence,” one angry viewer tweeted. The show’s production company, Thermatik, also urged Pingwatch not to spoil the show for others.

In an interview with the Hindustan Times before the show’s release, Madhuri spoke about distinguishing The Fame Game from other thrillers. “The show has family and personal relationships. There are mysteries and murder mysteries, but there’s nothing to take you behind the scenes of what’s happening. It shows the dark side of fame and not everyone in the family is what they say it is. That’s USP,” he told us.

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The Fame Game is the OTT introduction of the model. The series, created by Sri Rao, began streaming on Netflix on February 25. It stars Sanjay Kapoor, Manav Kaul, Muskan Rao and Laxveer Charan and is directed by Bijay Nambiar and Karisma Kohli. The series received mostly positive reviews with specific accolades for Madhuri’s performance.

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