Tusshar Kapoor: Lakshya does not have conflicting thoughts about her reality | Bollywood

Tusshar Kapoor built his relationship with his son Lakshya openly and honestly. The actor-producer reveals that his six-year-old child is comfortable in his family setting because he understands that each family is unique.

“I’m always been very honest that I’m a single parent. I brought my son home after I was notified. Because I shared with him that today there are all kinds of families, not one kind of family. He understands that. ”

Kapoor understands that his son will face more questions as he grows up and is ready to face them with complete honesty.

“If there are any questions in the future, I will always be very open with him. I firmly believe that he will be fine because I have given him so much love. He is comfortable in our family setting. He has no conflicting thoughts about his truth in his mind because I was very open with him, ”he explains.

The Golmal The actor, 45, welcomed Lakshya through IVF in 2016 and has now written about his experiences as a single father in his book. Undergraduate Dad: My Journey to Paternity and many more This marks his debut as a teacher.

In fact, Kapoor believes that writing the book helped him reflect on his journey as a father.

“I realized how much I learned about myself when I became a good father. There’s been so much growth. In Lockdown, you’re discovered a lot about yourself and regression. But raising a child in this situation makes you very strong,” he continues. It was a time consuming process.It was hard work.I spent nights writing this book but in the end it was a very refreshing and healing process.

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