Trance actor asks if he wants to play behind ‘transgender trees’ in Bollywood | Bollywood

As the debate over the lack of representation of trans artists in Bollywood continues to grow, LGBTQI activist Sushant Diwikar has criticized the use of transgender actors in Bollywood as transgender.

Sushant, who was crowned Mr K India in 2014, released a video on their Instagram account on Tuesday in which she raised questions about what kind of roles they would be allowed to play if Sisgender actors accepted all the roles of transgender artists. At the end of the clip, Sushant teasingly notes that the only characters left for transgender people at this time are the characters of a tree in the background.

In the video, Sushant said, “If a transgender person is not allowed to play a transgender person on screen, he is not allowed to play a male in the film. Permission to play women in films, what are transgender artists playing – behind the transgender trees? “

They said to that post, “Transgender trees ???” Adding hashtags like “equality”, “transgender” and “LGBT”.

This video got a lot of support from Sushant’s Instagram followers. One wrote “on point” and the other said “barbarism”. Actor Nauheed Sirusi commented, “F *** ing love you” with red heart and fire emojis.

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Sushant, who is known as an outspoken advocate for the LGBTQIA community, shared her experience of previously auditioning for an ad. In a conversation on The Ranveer Show on the Beer Biceps channel on YouTube, they revealed that they were auditioning for a toothpaste ad when the cast director told them before entering the cast room that “you are too gay for this ad”.

The actor, known as Rani Ko-he-Noor, said, “I said, ‘But homosexuals also brush their teeth. What’s wrong with a toothpaste?

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