Topsy Bannu to star in ‘Small’ Telugu film ‘Mission Impossible’: ‘This is the film I had the power to shoot now’

Actress Topsy Pannu, who is awaiting the release of her Telugu film Mission Impossible, shared a long note on Instagram about why she did that project when she was so busy in Bollywood. He said that the film also falls into that category and that he has the power to choose now because of the fame he has gained. read more: Topsy Bannu shared the ‘sweet’ trailer of the short film Mission Impossible

After a gap of four years, Topsy has returned to Telugu cinema with Mission Impossible, starring three children in the lead roles. Directed by Swaroop RSJ, the film is set to release on April 1.

Topsy wrote on his Instagram on Thursday, “There are some pictures of a good career move. Some pictures one makes are good for crafts. Today you will make some pictures due to the gratitude that you have the power to choose, select and repay. #Mishan Impossible will definitely fall into the latter category. The power that comes with success makes you very addicted and greedy, but you rarely realize the potential for responsibility that comes with that power. “

“He has had these beautiful opportunities to connect me with so-called small films,” he added. Topsy added that Mission Impossible would be a film to be proud of whenever one sees his collection.

Actor Chiranjeevi presided over the release ceremony of the film which was held in Hyderabad on Wednesday. Speaking on the occasion, Chiranjeevi said that he was looking forward to these small pictures as he had amazed himself.

“When I could not work during the epidemic, I had the opportunity to watch some wonderful little Telugu films on OTT sites. I am happy to see these films that won me over, ”he said.

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