Thrashti Tami: Govt avoided disease for two years but is for Ho Gaya | Internet series

The recovering actor feels that the scene is “very scary” because the third wave “spreads like wildfire”.

Actor Thrashti Tami, though “almost recovered” from his recent battle with Kovit-19, admits that he is still tired at times.

The actor is comforted that none of his family has signed it. “When I knew the symptoms, there was no one at home. So I was isolated until the negative came to me. My mother-in-law and husband were tested twice, but they were negative, ”he tells us.

Drashti, who turned 37 on Monday, said he knew of people who had been diagnosed with Govt-19 for a “second and third time” and that the scene was “very scary”. “It simply came to our notice then. Many people I know have got it, including my aunts, uncles and grandparents, ”he adds.

The Empire actor, who urges people to be careful, says, “Try to stay indoors and not go out unnecessarily. Please do not even meet friends in your building or think ‘we are five’. That is how it is spreading. For the past two years I have been able to defend myself, but is for Ho Gaya. I hope we are moving towards flock immunity.

Thrushti, who was alone in her room when she was recovering, says she loves spending time with him and was helped by the “beautiful view” from her room. She adds, “My husband was surprised that I did not bother him much after being isolated for 12 days. I went easily on my diet and did not worry about calories. I have no loss of appetite. The first two days were okay, except for physical aches and headaches.

Thrashti also insists that those who have recovered from the virus should take up exercise easily. Doctors have recommended that one should not work for six weeks after recovery. So go slow and give your body time, ”she concludes.

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