The Internet offers a wide expanse to spread our wings: Jameel Khan | Internet series

Actor Jameel Khan is all set to win his first Best Actor award (comedy) on the internet for 2021.

Actor Jameel Khan is all set to win his first Best Actor award (comedy) on the internet for 2021.

“The awards give a lot of excitement and excitement to all the actors, including me. But the audience reviews, it created. Gullock Such success, for me, is nothing less than an award. We hope the series sees its third season this year and many more will follow because viewers are so excited about the story of a common family. We owe it to Bahut Pyar Thea Public and as a team, ”he said Gangs of Wasipur And Child Actor.

Khan was in the UK for his next shoot when the new strain began to spread.

“We were filming கணபத் In different places when learning about the new wave. We had to stay until the first week of January but everything was put on hold. Things got out of hand and the situation in India changed rapidly. I was put to bed and reached Mumbai without any clue for several days. My mother-in-law who was staying with us underwent a major operation so it was a very difficult situation for me whether to go home or stay elsewhere. But, after checking twice that it was negative, I was finally home, ”he says.

UPite blesses good projects coming up. “I am one of the actors who does not wander around asking for work … Mujhse hota hi nahi hi! Therefore, any work that reaches me will be offered on my own or by my friends and acquaintances. I really care about my friends, especially those who are trying to make a mark in the industry. Because without the right support, I’m gone through the motions of losing a person’s plot, ”he added.

The versatile actor says, “This is a favorable time for a lot of work to be done in ODT as well. I remember when we did the first season Gullock Things were very different, but over the last two-three years OTT has changed the scenario for all of us. Since I am an acting motivated actor, I need a canvas to act on, and the web gives us a wide expanse to spread our wings.

Khan filmed in detail in UP last year and hopes to return soon. “Lucknow is my city and I miss being there almost every day. Sub Deek Ho Jaye Fir Jalti Hai Aunga Mein Vahan …, ”he signs.

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