The Great Indian Murder Trailer: Richa Saada And Pratik Gandhi Get Lifetime Case, Fans Expect A Masterpiece | Internet series

The trailer for The Disney + Hotstar series The Great Indian Murder has just been released online. Richa Sada and Pratik Gandhi star as investigators in the thriller based on Vikas Swaroop’s best-selling novel Six Suspects.

Directed by Digmanshu Tulia and produced by Ajay Devgan and Priti Vinay Sinha, The Great Indian Murder also stars Ashutosh Rana, Shashank Arora, Raghuveer Yadav, Pavli Dame and Jatin Goswami. The show will start streaming on February 4 in Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Bengali.

The official summary of the show is, “Vicky Roy is the son of the cunning 32-year-old Roy Group of Industries owner and Chhattisgarh Home Minister Jagannath Roy. Vicky is murdered in cold blood at a party he held to celebrate his release in the case of the rape and murder of two dormitory women. The six suspects surrounding his murder are under the radar of the investigating officers of the case, DCP Sudha Bhardwaj and Sooraj Yadav of the Central Intelligence Agency.

“Vicky’s case has unexpectedly halted the political career of his father, Jagannath Roy, who, after Vicky’s death, was trying to succeed in just or wrong ways.

Fans fell in love with the comments section on YouTube. One called the show a ‘masterpiece’ and another said it was ‘full of talented actors’. “This is how you make a trailer,” wrote a third fan.

Richa, who plays DCP Sudha Bhardwaj in The Great Indian Murder, said in a statement that he ‘immediately’ knew he wanted to be a part of the show while reading the script. “Every character in this series has a serious purpose and justification for their actions – which is somewhat unrelated but depressing. This is a role model for the thriller series written only by Digmanshu Tulia! Can’t wait to see the reaction of the audience, ”he said.

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Pratik, who appears to be a CBI official, said he wanted to be ‘very thoughtful’ when choosing his next web series and that The Great Indian Murder seemed the right choice. Talking about his character, he said it was a new challenge for him. “He represents the law, but never backs down from breaking it or adjusting it to make his way easier. His easy transition between the gray layer and the dark and light sides makes him special and very human,” he added.


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