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Fame Game offers its two promises. First, the Netflix series created by Sri Rao justifies its title. What is needed to become popular in Bollywood is presented as a twisted mystery surrounding the closet of a great actor. Secondly, Madhuri Dixit did exactly that in her streaming debut for The Fame Game. (Read more: Madhuri Dixit talks about her OTT debut with The Fame Game: ‘I’m always here, any talk of a comeback is crazy’)

We can not learn anything new about the dark side of celebrities. Through eight 45-minute episodes, we already have trophies that relate to the lives of celebrities: affairs, predators, financial problems, household problems, messy childhood, jobs. But all this will be covered in a very impressive screenplay by Rao and co-writers Shreya Bhattacharya, Akshat Gildial, Amita Vyas and Nisha Mehta. Directors Bejoy Nambiar and Karisma Kohli extract the best performances of their superstar lead and the interesting actors around him.

Madhuri Dixit plays Bollywood diva Anamika Anand who disappears after the awards ceremony. The episodes move back and forth over time, revealing a little about Anamika’s past life, while Shoba (Rajshree Deshponde), a police officer who obscures her present, interrogates the case with an obvious hatred for the Bollywood crowd. Shoba’s hatred for Tinseltown’s brilliance and glamor, while revealing the actor’s past, slowly evolves into hatred and loving respect for Anamika.

But does Anamika really want Shoba – and the audience – to think just that? Initially, her loving personality was a mystery. The list goes on and on about her married life, problems at home, broken relationship with children. She smiles and the presence of the soldiers is understandable at the forefront of the work. But it’s hard to understand how she personally didn’t miss it.

In the last few episodes when his character reveals his fangs we see why Dixit still got it.

The other two main shows in the series are Lakshveer Charan and Muskan Jaffrey who play Anamika’s troubled, angry bitten children. The two young artists go over each other with Dixit in a few scenes and get better.

Charan plays Avia, who has a fair share of legal issues, including a hot and cold relationship with his mother. Avi is a serious, sensitive colleague, and Saran’s acting is really one of the most touching aspects of the series, where most of the characters are insidious or shallow.

Jaffrey plays Amara, whose mother’s problems stem from her ambition to be as famous as her mother and to live in her shadow. Jaffrey is so much fun to watch his character move from sweet to bad in a slow burning manner.

The Fame Game Review: A Still Laxveer Charan From The Show.
The Fame Game Review: A Still Laxveer Charan From The Show.

Trauma caused by parental actions plays a major role in The Fame Game. Much of the story revolves around the young Anamika’s relationship with her dominant mother, played by Suhasini Mule. Anamika’s mother is a complete shark, forcing her daughter to work in the film industry as she gets older. She had control over Anamika’s life and life from a young age and she was not in the mood to give it up. She is clearly the boss of the house.

Sanjay Kapoor reunites with Dixit after 25 years, playing Manish as Anamika’s shadow filmmaker’s husband. Kapoor takes a part of his character from the wonderful Dibakar Banerjee short film in Lust Stories. Manish is becoming more and more honest and lean. He plays fast and loose on Anamika’s funds, often keeping his movie star wife in the dark about his investments and expenses. Anamika goes crazy when the mother-husband couple joins.

Then there is film actor Manish (Manav Kaul) who was once romantically close to Anamika. A few months before Anamika’s disappearance, Manish re-entered Anamika’s life and became one of the suspects. The divorced, privately incubating actor still loves Anamika. He also has a mental health problem. Kaul transforms the man into a very noticeable, well-rounded character. Makranth Deshpande is playing an interesting role late and I would love to know more about this in the second season.

The score of Andrew Orkin and Harini Raghavan is one of the best scores I have ever heard in a web series. However, the menu is already limited. Anamika’s dances are choreographed by Vaibhav Merchant. It is a pleasure to see Deekshit back in his body, but the dance scenes are small parts of the films in the series and nothing to lose sleep about. Dixit’s star power and charisma, aided by excellent sub – shows, leads the show, and eventually The Fame Game works. It made Anamika wonder what would happen and what turn the story would take.

Web Series: Fame game

actors: Madhuri Dixit, Sanjay Kapoor, Manav Kaul, Laxveer Charan, Muskhan Jaffrey

Directors: Bijay Nambiar and Karisma Kohli

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