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Bill Lord and Chris Miller are some of Hollywood’s most distinctive voices. Writing, directing and / or producing jokes on the big screen (21 Jump Street, The Lego Movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Versus, The Mitchells vs The Machines), the two returned to their TV roots. . Miller is the creator and director of Apple TV’s The After Party, and Lord is also a producer and writer.

The plot of this eight-episode murder mystery comedy is simple and the storytelling features an actor — Tiffany Hadish, Sam Richardson, Ben Swartz, Ike Barinholds and Dave Franco — who read like a wish list of funny people. During a high school rehearsal, one person was killed. Each episode describes what happened that evening with humor.

The victim is a hollow Hollywood heartthrob Xavier (inappropriate Dave Franco plays a disgusting Justin Bieber with a worrying credibility). The main suspect (and our hero) is Anik, a dear Sam Richardson. All Anik wanted to do in reunion was to confess his love to the last departed man – Zoe (Joe Chao of modern love). After Joe’s affection her ex-husband Brett (Ike reconsiders her role from Fahrenheit Bloggers). Anik destroys her name and in the process of helping her get the girl of her dreams, her loving, loyal best friend Yasper (Ben Schwartz who turns into a happy, he turns everything into instant fun). Mysterious Chelsea (Ilana Glaser) and Walt (you’ll remember Jamie Demetrio, Flyback’s weird teeth guy) are on the group of murder suspects who reunite. That guy from Walt High School, no one really remembers or recognizes him, but he really deserves to go. Basically, if Agatha Christie’s lessons are sheltered, the avocado-crisp sips twenty things from LA.

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Here Detective Tanner (often the wasted Tiffany Hadish) wants to solve the crime by breaking the case and identifying the killer, but also wants to gossip. The preface is funny absurd and strangely believable. Unresolved high school drama led to murder, so to solve the case, Detective Tanner must haunt all of the high school plays because old hatreds, confessions, hooks and breaks come out of the woodwork.

Based on six of the eight episodes I’ve seen, The After Party is what you’d expect from the Lord and Miller School of Refusal to Think, between its ambitious concept and the bright cast of comedy big-hitters. -Box Storytelling. But despite the series’ing success at the macro level with its innovative type-push system, it proves to be far less significant at the micro level – characters and comedy. The result is that the individual parts of a random series are greater than their sum. In that end, Afterbarty feels more like a set than a series – random, mixed episodes ranging from action to inspiration.

Rather than the Hoodunit plot or the characters being the most interesting, it just makes you invest or at least be interested to see what kind of characters they will be immersed in in the next episode. The glorious talent associated with The After Party ensures that the show can never be seen, but when there is no new genre to hide behind it, the writing and laughter really start to fit in from the screen.

Of the six episodes I watched, there were two star positions, Yasper’s Musical Episode and Zoe’s Animated Episode (not surprisingly, no one did animation like Lord and Miller). Stunning novelty led by Ben Schwartz, his Darky Comedy Best, Jasper episode is an exciting luxury blast with multiple foot-tapping music numbers (I hope they will be released as part of the official album). My favorite is the Lonely Island-style rap number titled We Only Get One Shot Twice.

The interesting coming high school comedy of the fifth episode, Throwback Gems (from Samilionare to Shakira to Black Eyed Peas) is only worth mentioning for its peppy soundtrack, which is the sixth episode – Joe, it steals the show. The almost completely animated chapter is a masterpiece of strange imagination and pure heart. Zoe’s account of the night takes us through the story of a woman struggling to negotiate who she wants to be against the stupid men around her, and her responsibilities as a mother. It is a true touching self-love sequel, in which one of the most vulnerable moments brings faces to the bear’s arms and legs.

While The After Party stands out as a compelling experiment rather than a comedy, it is not an essential part of the brilliant Lord and Miller work. The problem is simple. While this can certainly transcend compulsive storytelling, I’m not sure if form success on content is something you want out of humor.

The After Party

Director: Christopher Miller

actors: Tiffany Hatish, Sam Richardson, Ike Barinholtz, Ben Swartz, Dave Franco, Jamie Dimitrio, Ilana Glaser, John Early, Joe Chao

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