Telugu actor Dolly de Cruz, popularly known as Gayatri, was killed in a road accident while returning from a Holi party.

Famous YouTuber and actor Gayatri alias Dolly de Cruz died in a car accident. He was returning from a Holi party when he was killed in an accident. A car traveling with a friend lost control and collided with a divider at Kachipoli in Hyderabad.

Gayatri died on the spot. However, his friend survived after being taken to hospital.

Gayatri’s real name is Dolly de Cruz. He was also a popular YouTuber through the channel Jalsa Rayudu. She also recently worked on the Telugu web series Madame Sir Madame Ande.

The news of Gayatri’s demise was shared by his co-star Sureka Vani, who played her mother in the show. He shared this news on his Instagram page. Expressing shock over Gayatri’s death he said, “How did you leave this mom ..! You were really together ..! I still can not believe this ..! Come back soon Can Raw have a good party?.! Hey share a lot ..! More There are so many things to do together ..! Come on come on ..! It’s not too early to leave us ..! I miss you ..! I will always love you ..! Dolly_d_cruze. “

Many of his fans and close and loved ones shared the shock and condolences for his sudden death.

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