Tejaswi Prakash frowns when Karan Kundra says ‘Pathare paise gama liye’, he responds to the news that has ruined his life.

Bigg Boss 15 duo Tejaswi Prakash and Karan Kundra, affectionately known as ‘Tejran’, chatted live with their fans on Instagram on Valentine’s Day. At one point, she got up to talk to her father and stumbled on the way back to her.

Teasing him, Tejaswi said, “Yeh hai sunny jo abi tak bade nahi hue hai (he is sunny, not grown yet). I think he’s older than me, but he’s not clear, he’s very clumsy, Kirta Rehta Hai (he’s constantly stumbling) (I fell for the first time in my life, I fell so hard that my image was destroyed). ”

“You know, people put up our articles: ‘Tejaswi has ruined Karan’s career because he’s not a bad guy anymore,'” he said in his own interview, in which he talked about not thinking he would call anyone. Baby ‘and how he tells her that he has destroyed his’ angry young man image’.

Karan picked up the news and said, “Saleka, pathere paise kama liye hai, doda enjoy be kar loon (that’s right, I made a lot of money, now it’s time for me to enjoy a little).” Tejaswi immediately turned her face and said, “What’s the matter with you?” She asked. Butter chicken at last, said no need for more than bread.

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Tejaswi and Karan, who were rivals in Bigg Boss 15, fell in love with the show. Their parents appeared in the final and gave the seal of approval to the relationship.

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