Tejaswi explains about Prakash Karan Kundra’s ‘lost hope’ tweet: ‘I wanted to have the last moment between me and him’

After Tejaswi Prakash won in Bigg Boss 15, Karan Kundra wrote about mixed feelings in confusing tweets. Congratulating Tejaswi on his victory, he said he needed time to ‘recover from the incident’. Tejaswi, who is currently responding to the tweet, said he was disappointed he was not in the top two.

Tejaswi said in a new interview that he wanted the final fight to be between Karan and himself. Tejaswi took home the Big Boss 15 trophy, becoming the first runner-up by Pratik Sehajpal. Karan became the second runner-up in the Big Boss 15 Grand Final on Sunday, January 30.

Responding to Karan’s tweet, Tejaswi told the Times of India, “Yes, Karan and I talked about it. I wanted the final moment of lifting the trophy to be between Karan and me. That would have been the best moment. So, it (Karan coming third) was shocking because he made a beautiful trip to the show. That doesn’t mean the rep is not playing well. “

“Karan was always adamant that I would win if it was between the two of us. So, he is very happy that the cup is finally cur hi ai (the cup has finally come home). That being said, it’s Karan Kundra, he’s more than that last moment we missed, ”Tejaswi added.

After the final, Karan tweeted, “A big big thank you to each and every one of you for the love and support and kindness you have showered on me throughout my journey .. Sorry for the late tweet … lost hope. In a lot of things today but not in me with confidence .. You stood with me like a rock. Congratulations to Tejaswi who won the trophy in a separate post.

Karan Kundra tweeted about his feelings after the Big Boss 15 final.
Karan Kundra tweeted about his feelings after the Big Boss 15 final.

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Tejaswi and Karan first met on Bigg Boss 15 and fell in love on the show. They met their ups and downs on the show, but are now dating. Their parents also recognized their relationship when they appeared on the show. Among the fans, they are popularly known as ‘Tejran’.

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