Tanisha Mukherjee: I’m glad to find someone who can be boring in love | Bollywood

Actress Tanisha Mukherjee is not excited about her marriage. Instead, she wants to find the right person and fall in love with someone she can be bored with.

“I think it’s very exciting to fall in love when it’s new, but I’m so glad to find that person I’m bored with falling in love with,” says Mukherjee, who recently surprised many when he released a film about his marital status. Many thought she was secretly married because she had finger rings on her feet.

For many years, after his public affair with actor Armaan Kohli, he defended his personal affairs, avoiding talking about his personal life. The 43-year-old admitted he did it on purpose.

“The key [to keeping your personal life a secret] Not answering questions like (Laughs) But on a very serious note, yes it was done deliberately, yes, when I decide to get married, I will be very direct in announcing it to the world, ”he says.

That too means that her focus should be entirely on her work. “I’m busy making plans for production and studying scripts for acting. Also, considering acting, I like to act in a multi – layered gray character,” says the actor, for changing the digital wave. Wave for many actors.

“OTT has opened the minds of our audience, so women have the opportunity to play multiple roles! In the industry, I would like to see more female producers and directors producing and directing bigger films,” she adds. We have a long way to go. ”

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