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Actor Tahir Rajpasin is celebrating a wonderful New Year because the actor has seen a big silver screen release and there are two big OTT releases this month. After ’83, Tahir starred as a 90s film director in the web show Ranjish Hi Sahi on Wood Select, inspired by the life of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. He also plays Yeh Kali Kali Anken in Netflix, a love hero caught in a triangular love affair.

In an interview with the Hindustan Times, the actor opened up about bringing back the 70s in his new OTT release and his other projects with Topsy Bannu, including Loop Lapetta. Areas:

How did you recreate the vibe of the 70s in Ranjish Hi Sahi?

This is the most dramatic era of re-creation; This is the golden age of movies. Physically there were many things I had to do. I weighed 8-9 kg because my character Shankar is a little older. There is also a change in hairstyle; It is divided into very retro style. When making a period film, one has to give up technological advances, certain types of language and certain types of body language. You left your phone, iPad and laptop in the vanity van and immersed yourself in a world without technology – it was fun to be in the set that was considered the illusion of the 70s. Even the cameras and lights we shoot with were brought in from that time. From the cameras to the film reel cans to the way I cut and edited the film, it was a great learning experience for me – it was a completely different journey.

In the trailer your character says ‘I always say I have no story’. Was this story taken from the life of Mahesh Bhatt?

Yes, of course. Mahesh Bhatt is the creative producer of the show. I would say that 50 percent of the story is inspired by his real events and 50 percent is fiction. I play Shankar, which is by no means his biography, he is a fictional character. But since Mahesh Bhatt is a company within himself and he was a director in the 70s, stories from his life will be part of the show.

Now there is Loop Labetta with Topsy. Tell us about it.

It is an adaptation of the German cult classic Lola Run, which is basically a chassis film. It raises the bar of romance and style. Coupled with romance and Topsy Bunnu in a thieving movie – it’s a wonderful fun. My Satya character is the funniest character I have ever played. He’s so cool, he believes in looking for shortcuts in everything, it’s better to do it with my effort and topsy in comedy and romance!

Sunil Gavaskar reacted to your performance in ’83. How did you incorporate his ‘tiger style’?

This was a big challenge as people in this country love cricket and movies and when a hero like Sunil Gavaskar plays there will be pressure. I had the privilege of watching the final production with Sunil Gavaskar. He hugged me and said, ‘In your performance, I saw myself from behind.’ That was the biggest compliment I ever received. As for the physique, it took six months of labor — to learn how he wore gloves, grabbed the bat, and walked. It was challenging because I did not come from a cricket background.

Chichor is one of your highest grossing achievements.

It was a unique experience. It was so exciting because it’s a film that jumps between two timelines, you can star in a young and old version.

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You have done some pictures, but many of your works stand out. Is making a conscious decision?

Yes. It’s an improvement on the journey – it’s always an effort – making progress and impact with different scripts. So far this is a very different gallery. Mardani is a crime thriller, Force 2 is an action drama, a biography of the Manto era, a college drama by Sichor, 83 a sports film. I have crossed all those steps and am now stepping in as the lead protagonist and romantic hero. Not one but two OTT releases in the same month – I could not have asked for more festive openings this year.

You have more success as opponents in Mardani and Force 2. Do you think your peers play the protagonist and focus on the length of the character rather than experimenting with the characters?

Each actor will have his own personal choices. For me, the impact a character makes is important. I look at the parts I played better – I hope everyone has a little bit of good and a little bit of bad, how you balance that is the way the script is written and played.

You are found in the OTT space. Do you still think one is better than the other, do you have a choice?

I believe that movies are sacred and can not change the experience of going to the theater and watching on the big screen. But at the same time, there are well-told stories on OTT. Great things will come to those who wait, I believe in quality rather than quantity. In the long run, both cinema and OTT will coexist. Five years ago, you could only be a movie star or a TV star, and now you can do a show in the same year or if you are lucky enough to be a movie star.


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