Swetha Tiwari: Your body will never be torn. You have to work on it every day

She has always been fit, but lately, actress Swetha Tiwari has been giving fitness goals to her fans by exposing her torn body on social media. Recently, his physique has attracted a lot of attention on social media, especially his stomach.

“It’s great to hear compliments,” the 41-year-old added, “but every day is not like I’m in those photos. People need to know that the truth is, my stomach is defined for two days and I swell for the next four days.

Tiwari says that exercise is a continuous process and that “your body is never torn, it needs work every day. People want to reach a torn body in two months, it is not possible. Daily exercise will benefit you. ”

Aside from weight training and cardio, there are days when Tiwari can’t set aside an hour for a workout, but she has solutions for those times as well. He explains, “During the epidemic, we all realized the importance of being fit and fit. Even if we are at home, we must keep moving. I would do something like jogging or walking or skipping at home. You need to shake your body every day. For me, fitness is not just about ABS, it is about overall health. Body Hamesha Fit Nahin Rehti. If you are not feeling well, do not lose breath or get tired while walking or running, then you are healthy. The actor admits he didn’t work out in his 20s or 30s. “Good results” motivate her and her dietitian helps her stay on track.

When asked if she was happy with her appearance today, she replied, “Yes, of course! Of course, I sometimes gain weight, there are times when I get tired of dieting, and I like to eat what I want. When I was sick last year, I ate whatever I wanted, and after a few days I got sick. I have become a person and do not want to deviate too much from my diet. I have cheat diets and cheat days, but only once a week.


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