Swetha Tiwari interpretation to bra statement controversy; It was a joke says the director | Internet series

During the promotion of the upcoming web series in Bhopal, actress Swetha Tiwari got into a controversy when she released a statement about her underwear claiming to be God. Soon after, Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Misra ordered the police to investigate his opinion.

Director-writer Manish Harishankar says, “We had a press conference in Bhopal for the web series Showstopper. Through this program, we would like to raise awareness about the relatively untouched area of ​​the Fitter industry in India. In addition, the show talks about the importance and role of the specialist in adding to a woman’s overall health and confidence. On the show, Swara will be seen as a costume designer while Saurabh Raj Jain (actor) will be seen as a bra fitter.

Harishankar further explains that Jain, who played various deities including Vishnu and Krishna in mythological performances like Mahabharata, Devon Ke Dev … Mahadev and Mahakali, has now been questioned by the media about playing as a bra fitter. “It simply came to our notice then. Shweta, who was in Dias with other actors, released a statement saying, ‘Mere pra ki sais bhagavan le rahen hain’ (God measures my bra). And the report went viral. Anyone who watches the video knows the context and exact content of the report. Swetha’s claim to be referring to Saurabh during the press conference was a joke, and nothing else. The show also stars Kanwaljit Singh, Rohit Roy and Digangana Suryavanshi.

He says they did not expect the report to take such a turn. He says police have heard footage of the press conference as some more areas in Bhopal are yet to be filmed.

The writer-director promises that the show talks about “women’s empowerment” and an “important issue”. “It’s a positive story, family oriented and clean in every way. Just because it’s a matter of bra fitting does not mean it’s not clean. We are dealing with this important issue emotionally. There is no wrong dialogue or scene, ”he signed. In context, one would understand that the claim referring to ‘Bhagavan’ was from the background of Saurabh Raj Jain’s popular deity. People associate the names of characters with actors, so my speech I used it as an example during the song. However, this is completely misunderstood and sad to see. As an ardent believer in ‘Bhagavan’ myself, there is no way I can intentionally say or do anything accidentally that greatly offends the senses. However, I understand that when taken from context, it accidentally hurts people’s feelings. Please assure me that it was never my intention to offend anyone with my words or actions. Therefore, I would like to humbly apologize for the injury that my statement accidentally caused to many.

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