Sunanda Shetty says she cried when Shamita Shetty was ashamed of her age in Bigg Boss 15: ‘This is a very ugly scene’

In the final of Bigg Boss 15, Sunita Shetty, the mother of Shamita Shetty, said on the show that it was very difficult for me to see her daughter aging and physically ashamed. Sunanda added that she was heartbroken to see Shamita being targeted during the show.

Sunanda said that despite the sudden visit of their mothers to the Bigg Boss 15 finalists, each of them talked about some of the most emotional moments in the show they saw.

Earlier this week, Tejaswi had commented on Shamita’s age when she called him ‘Aunty’. Speaking about Sunanda Shamita, she said: “She has come a long way in this journey. Her body was ashamed. She was ashamed of her age. It was a very ugly scene to watch.

Sunanda added: “I was devastated to see him cry on the show.” Sunanda says it is not easy for Shamita to be known as Shilpa Shetty’s sister.

Later, inside the house, Shamita could be seen losing coolness over Tejaswi, who tried to justify calling herself ‘Aunty’ by saying it was just an expression. Shamita shouted back at her, explaining that forgiveness and justification are not wholehearted forgiveness. “It is not right to call a woman aunty on national television. You have to understand. This is completely wrong, “said Shamita.” I apologize for that, “Tejaswi reiterated.

Earlier in the week, during the show, Shamita massaged Tejaswi’s boyfriend Karan Kundra, prompting Tejaswi to comment: “Before, you never took your work so seriously.” When Shamita yelled at Karan in response, Tejaswi added: “Lo aunty chaat kai us pe (aunty is still after him).” “It’s a task, you have no job calling me Auntie,” Shamita retorted. Celebrities like Bipasha Basu and former Bigg Boss winner Gauhar Khan have criticized Tejaswi for his words.

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Shamita and Tejaswi are the finalists in Big Boss 15. The second day final of the show is scheduled to air Sunday night. Nishant Bhatt, Karan Kundra and Pratik Sehjpal are some of the finalists. Rashmi Desai was eliminated on the first day of the Big Boss 15 final.

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