Sumeet Vyas hangs out with Haryana friends to learn pronunciation for his Jugadistan character: ‘They don’t know’ | Internet series

Actor Sumeet Vyas is a senior in OTT media. He has been running web shows in India even before there were dedicated sites for it. But even then, the actor says he faces new challenges every time. In his latest series Jugadistan he plays a student politician, and Sumeet says he was stunned by the character’s Haryanavi accent, which he terrified. In an interview with the Hindustan Times, the actor reveals how he secretly used his friends to solve his problem. (read more: Jugadistan Review: Scam 1992 meets the likes of Dil Dosti in this campus thriller drama.)

Streaming on Lionskate Play, Jugadistan is set on a fictional campus called City University and deals with a variety of issues on campus, from exam fraud to student politics. Sumeet’s character Gaurav Pathi is a student politician. Commenting on this, he said, “I was very scared of the accent. They did not want me to go out and talk to Haryana. They wanted me to speak in a way that most people could understand. Fortunately, I had some friends from that area who had very harsh Haryana accent. I was hanging out with them, but I think they did not know it. “

Journalist Arjun Mathur is working to expose the educational corruption shown in this series. The actor tells us that he went to full Marvel films in preparation for the show and did not even read the entire script. “Initially, (director Akarsh Khurana) only sent me scenes of this character. I read that part and I really liked the way this character reflected. Then I told him, I don’t want to read the rest because my character is acting like a journalist, he’s revealing the story, Not knowing what was going on as an actor, I thought it would help me uncover it when I go, ‚ÄĚsays Arjun. In fact, the actor adds that he only saw the entire show after it started streaming, “I thought I would watch it as an audience member,” he says.

The show stars Arjun Mathur as an investigative journalist.
The show stars Arjun Mathur as an investigative journalist.

Arjun says that although his character is not based on any real person, he felt that many journalists were the inspiration for how the character was written. He says, “I want to bring my own understanding and taste into it. I think this character inspired my journalists who saw and knew me. We know enough people from Gauri Langesh to Rana Ayub. They are the inspiration. People. Those who have faced the consequences. I feel that way, but I’m not trying to copy anyone’s behavior. “

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Jugadistan is an extraordinary event that jumps between genres. It’s a campus drama as a political drama or thriller. Sumeet says a change with serious themes in a show about teens is welcome. He goes on to say, “Most shows and movies have dumbed down the content around teenagers, which I do not understand. They are smarter than us. I do not understand why producers think they should talk about nonsense and nonsense. I feel this. You can experiment there with an audience, They’ll get it. That’s why I’m glad to know they’re creating a campus show about Valentine’s Day and heart – shaped balloons. “

Directed by Agarsh Khurana and Adar Khurana, Jugadistan stars Ahsas Sanna, Paramprada Chatterjee, Rukshar Dhillon, Taruk Raina and Gopal Dutt among others. The show has been streaming on Lionscate Play since March 4.

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