Strength Box Office Report: Ajith Kumar movie enters ₹ 100 crore club in 3 days

Strength collection starring Ajith Kumar 100 crore in just three days of release. The film marked the biggest opening for a Tamil film.

Ajith Kumar’s latest Tamil release Valaimai recorded the biggest opening for a Tamil film on the day of its release in Tamil Nadu. 100 crore clubs in three days worldwide. Directed by H Vinod and produced by Bonnie Kapoor, Strength is an action-thriller about a policeman chasing an illegal biker gang. The film did well despite the competition from Ganguly Kathiawadi and other releases. read more: Ajith’s Strength English cricketer Moin Ali finds a fan: ‘People tagged me in trailers, high quality’

According to business analyst Trinath, the film is priced at Rs. 200 crores worldwide. “Even though Strength was released on Thursday, it got off to a fantastic start at the box office. It is priced at Rs. The film grossed over Rs 100 crore in just three days, grossing over Rs. It has grossed Rs 200 crore during its theatrical run, ”Trinath told the Hindustan Times. He also said that as there will be no major Tamil release in the next two weeks, Vali will be running smoothly in theaters.

Leading business analyst Ramesh Bala on Twitter said the strength is Rs. It grossed over Rs 100 crore at the box office worldwide.

Ajith plays a policeman in the movie Valimai. The film also stars Huma Qureshi and Karthikeyan. The film was released not only in Tamil but also in Hindi, Telugu and Kannada.

In an interview with Indiaglitz earlier this week, Boney said, “This is definitely huge. I do not know the exact numbers, but from what I have heard from my exhibitors and distributors, the number is huge. This may be the biggest opening for any film in Tamil cinema.

According to a review of the Hindustan Times film, “Strength is the most anticipated film about a fearless policeman turning a mob into an army. What makes it different is that the film uses action for its strength and rides on a rush of adrenaline. In a film that is otherwise predictable and sometimes exhausting, it is the action scenes that make one invest. Every time the film sinks into its story and leaks the monopoly, an action scene comes to the rescue. This is a film that covers a lot of chase sequences, with each scene making you sit on the edge of your seat. The 15 to 20 minute chase scene at the start of the second half is one of the best moments of the film.

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Bonnie made her debut in Tamil cinema with a live interview for the remake of Ajith Kumar’s Pink. Strength is their second collaboration. The two have also confirmed that they will be reuniting for a third project very soon.

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