Sruthi Seth: Studying During Lockdown Helped Me Introspect | Internet series

Actress Sruthi Seth reveals how studying during Lockdown helped her discover another side of her personality.

The Govt-inspired lockdowns over the past two years have given people much needed time to reconsider things. Actress Sruthi Seth, who used her time by enrolling in different virtual courses, admits that studying has helped her explore a new page for her personality.

“Over the years, my overall outlook on life and important things has changed drastically. I have made my time more frugal. I do not want to give my time easily to people. I have absolutely no choice but to choose how I spend my time and with whom I spend my time.” Seth tells us.

The Shararat And The actor continues, “I have been in Lockdown for the last few years and have only been doing courses. Now, I’m going down six courses, which will broaden my consciousness and help me better understand the world and myself ிறேன் Realize the things we can do.

The actor, who turned 44 in December last year, insists it helped the self-discovery journey. “Now, I spend more time with myself, introspect and make better use of my time,” he shares.

Ask her out well if she is no longer absorbed in the connection. You can not rush things. You need to know the truth of ‘Well, something is happening now’. It means serving you.

At the work front, the actor has completed work on two web shows and is waiting for them to be released. “Rest, let’s see what this brought me,” she signed.

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