Sruthi Seth in her viral post: In a polarized world only art can approach us | Bollywood

The actor says that his post about the duality of art was very surprising as it resonated with many colleagues in the film industry.

On March 13, actress Shruti Seth shared a post on social media about the duality of art. “Artists are going to have something crazy; We deliberately choose a life of uncertainty … We work day and night, winter and monsoon and blistering summers. From home, from family, from friends and everything in the know. Pushing ourselves to the point of breaking ourselves. All for an art piece, for a while, ”he wrote.

This post has caught the attention of many by sharing and reacting with his colleagues from many film worlds including actors Kalki Kochlin and Nithya Menon. “I have been acting for 20 years and I don’t know if I will get a job tomorrow. Despite that uncertainty, I get to work and get more pleasure out of it. Writing the article made me realize. It’s definitely hitting a lot of people and I’m thankful to be able to help them find small moments of joy in the midst of chaos, ”Seth tells us.

His study of the current situation in the world and art therapy redefined his thoughts on art. The Mentalhood actor elaborates, “The world we live in today is so torn and polarized that I believe art brings people closer together. I am currently studying to become an Art Therapist. So, I came to understand the real value of art.

Spent a day at a movie set in the hot sun afternoon, inspiring Chet to write his thoughts on the process of creating art. “The other day, I noticed a crowd of people lurking in a tight corner trying not to get into the camera. We did not have time for lunch. Everyone was hungry. Everyone was awake early in the morning.

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