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Shruti Haasan is making her debut in the OTT space with her new show Bestseller. The thriller, to be streamed on Amazon Prime video, shares screen space with actor Arjun Bajwa, Mithun Chakraborty and Gauhar Khan. In an honest conversation with the Hindustan Times prior to the show’s release, Sruthi talks about what attracted her to the show, how she faced the tag of being a ‘South’ actress and how she copes with the criticism of her father-in-law, veteran actor Kamal Haasan.

Bestseller is a thriller and Sruthi says he was determined to do it because the script was a good thriller novel. “Basically it was a very interesting read. I just like to read good stories as a script. I’m a reader, I’m got energy that I can not put it down here, which is a good sign for me to consider. I have ADD (attention deficit disorder),” he says. .

Sruthi answered questions about her ability to play a simple little town girl on her new show Bestseller.
Sruthi answered questions about her ability to play a simple little town girl on her new show Bestseller.

The show follows novelist Tahir Wasir (Arjan) as he encounters a writer’s obstacle, meets Meadow (Sruthi), a simple little town girl, and follows how the social media troll targets them and takes control of their lives. Suspicion fell on Sruthi’s ability to play a small town girl, but the actor leaves it all and laughs. He immediately points out that he has played mostly rural characters throughout his life.

“Honestly, I think that would be my whole career. My biggest hit in Telugu was Kapoor Singh, in which I played a village girl. In Hindi I played a prostitute and a village virgin. In the same year (2013) I asked this question a lot. Interestingly, it’s not stupid. None of us are village women, but some of us are out of the village, which is fair. This is the way we express ourselves.

But that is not how Sruthi feels about his off-camera film. Even though he has been working in the industry for more than a decade, people are questioning his Hindi skills. “That question arises after I have answered in Hindi to the people I currently work with,” he says.

The actor says that his questions about Hindi are part of the many ‘micro aggressions’ he faces, which are linked to the ‘South heroine’ tag. I feel that there are subtle aggressions that I face outside of ‘Boingi Kya (Can You Speak Hindi) Like Aap Hindi’, which is fun for me because I grew up in Hindi. Telugu is a language I have never spoken. No one asked me about it. That ‘South Ka’ The tag is there.In fact, we have come to a day when it’s irrelevant, I like to call it that because I am a proud Tamil woman but I’m an actor first and foremost, I’m an Indian.

Sruthi comes from an actress family. His father Kamal Haasan was one of the most famous actors the country has ever seen and his sister Akshara is also an actress. So, is cinema at the family dinner table a matter of constant debate? “If this is a natural thing to do,” Sruthi replied, “with my dad, I’ll talk a lot about his work because I have a lot more to learn from it. We’ve discussing the films we see.”

Sruthihaasan with father and legendary actor Kamalhaasan.
Sruthihaasan with father and legendary actor Kamalhaasan.

However, the actor adds that their discussions about cinema are focused on the art side, not its business. “We’re talking about filmmaking, technology and storytelling, but not business. We’re so bad at it, at best,” he adds with a laugh.

In terms of his imagery and achievements, Kamal is a source of natural feedback to Sruthi. However, he says he never makes harsh comments and that his criticism is not something to be afraid of. He tells us, “He’s very clever at how he critiques himself as an emotional artist. I’m never been afraid of that because if he says metaphorically, he’s never going to take a big flower on me. He’s going to say it very honestly. Because none of us should be interested in a concept that has no backbone and he is the king of constructive criticism. I have taken his advice on board. “

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Current ads for Bestseller, Sruthi was working on Valentine’s Day and was repeatedly immersed in media contacts. When we ask her the quiz, the actor laughs saying V-Day is ‘over-rated’. He adds, “I do not want to deter people who celebrate it with enthusiasm, but I do not.” In fact, Sruthi says she is glad she worked so hard on a given day that V-Day was not a happy memory for years to come due to her self-confessed tomboy image. “I’m really happy to be working. It was so shocking to me because I never got a Valentine’s recommendation or card. Guys would walk up to me and tell me to play cricket,” laments Sruthi.

Apart from Sruthi, Mithun, Arjun and Gauhar, the bestseller also stars Satyajit Dube and Sonali Kulkarni. Produced by Siddharth Malhotra’s Alchemy Productions LLP and directed by Mukul Abhyangar, the show will start streaming on Amazon Prime Video on February 18.

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