Sonarika Potoria: Rejected previous internet shows because it was mostly about gangsters in the rural setting | Internet series

Actress Sonarika Potoria became famous through the TV show Devon K Dev Mahadev, where she played the role of Goddess Parvati and later starred in films in the South.

Actress Sonarika Potoria became famous through her TV show Devon K Dev Mahadev There she played Goddess Parvati and later in films in the South. The 29-year-old is next on the radar web series. Asked why she feels the need to be introduced to a new medium at this time, Potoria says, “There have been a lot of offers (for web shows) before, but I do not understand any lessons. Although I can not talk much about it, it did. There are some good shows on Indian content, but most of them are from gangsters or rural India and I do not see myself in that setting. This (his introduction) is about a lighter thing, something the audience has never seen before.

The fact that the internet is reaching its enrichment point with similar content has given voice to many actors in the past, including Nawazuddin Siddiqui who recently said that he will no longer take OTT shows. Patoria echoes the same sentiment, adding that how bold visuals and abusive language have become a key feature in OTT. “I didn’t want to be a part of this trend and tried to do something a little different,” he explains ஜடூகாடு (2015) Actor, his web show recently went upstairs.

Potoria has been a part of the industry for a decade now, but despite having tried his hand at most of the media, he feels he still does not qualify as an actor. “Honestly, I have not yet qualified. I would say it was a satisfying journey in the sense that I learned a lot as an actor and evolved into a human being. But I still do not get the right amount. I have to work harder to improve myself every day, ”he concludes.

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