Social media has been a great blessing to me during epidemics: Alaya F | Bollywood

The young actor feels that investing his time and energy on social media during lockdowns has led to brand endorsements; He talks about the positive test for Kovit-19

Actress Alaya F, who appeared in Javani Jaaneman (2020), is looking forward to 2022 as she has three films ready for release. Speaking about what has been so hard for him over the last two years, he said, “It has been very hard for me mentally to be out of public view for so long. I also had to pay the staff salaries. I was thinking I should go back and ask my parents for help and for three years I didn’t do it!

That’s when she decided to use her spare time effectively. “After a while, I realized I might be more stressed and interested in it or use this time as a blessing. So I invested my time and energy in social media and it became my way of being visible,” he shares, “during lockdowns. Social media has been a huge blessing for me.It has paved the way for all the brands I now recognize.I discovered my social media identity and it added a lot to the actor within me.

Personally, the 24-year-old recently tested positive for Covit-19, and realizes that it was his yoga regimen that prevented the corona virus from infecting his immune system: “I feel it is time for us to stay healthy. We can. After the second lockdown, I was working non-stop. Now I try to turn as slowly and smoothly as I can.

In October last year, his mother, actress Pooja Bedi, was tested positive and trolled for not being vaccinated. “I often talk to my mom. I keep pulling her leg because people are not allowed to enter anywhere where they have to submit vaccination certificates. But I’m completely vaccinated and everyone in my family is like that, ”Alaya concludes.

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