Sikander Kerr laughs when Anupam Kher’s mother says he’s stupid, he replies: ‘Tum do haha ​​karaoke hee’ | Bollywood

Anupam Kerr shared an honest video with her mother Tulari Kerr and her brother Raju Kerr. All three were engaged in a fun conversation while posing for a family film.

The video shows brothers Anupam Kerr and Raju Kerr standing on either side of their mother and posing for the camera. Tulari asks them not to bother himself when they both pose and calls them ‘Bewakoof (stupid)’. Anupam asked her which of the two brothers was ‘very stupid’ and she replied that it was him. She finally puts her hands on their shoulders as the three of them pose for the camera with bright smiles.

Anupam, who shared the video on Instagram, said, “During a fun shoot, my mother called me and my brother @rajukherofficial bewakoof (stupid). I should have just stood there. But I wanted to be extra smart and asked her who the big Pivakoff was. Her response turned my brother into a happy man. Enjoy watching! #DulariRocks #MessWith Moms #AnupamKher #Mom #Brother. “

Anupam’s son and actor Sikander Kerr responded to the video by commenting “hahaha”. Anupam responded to his comment, “ிக Sikanderkar Tum Do Hahaha He Is Karaoke! Muje Bewakoof Jo Kaha! (You obviously laugh because she called me stupid).

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And many more fans have responded to this video. One fan said, “I love her so much. Very innocent mom. You are both very blessed. She is so beautiful. Another commented, “Aunt Tulari is bringing the positive vibes we all need at this time. Thank you sir for making us a part of your happiness.

Anupam Kher is now starring in Suraj Barjatya’s Unchai. The film also stars Amitabh Bachchan, Boman Irani and Parineeti Chopra.

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