Sikander Kerr dedicated the poem to his mother Girron Kerr: ‘You and Meryl Streep would have been better buds now’

When actor Sikander Kerr appeared as a guest on God Talent in India, his mother dedicated a poem to actor Krone Kerr. He is one of the judges of the television reality show. Sikander, who is making his screen debut with his mother on the show, said Kron Kerr could have achieved the best things in his life without him. The actor joked that Girron would have been his best friend if Hollywood actor Meryl Streep had not been born. Read also | Sikander has shared the adorable childhood picture of mother Crohn’s, fans love his ‘hangy’

In the new promo for the upcoming episode, which was shared by Sony Entertainment Television on Instagram on Saturday, Sikander praised his mother’s acting chops in a poem. He talked about the “small and beautiful” photo of his mother that he had with him when he started the poem. “Words can’t describe what a mother is. So I’m going the other way. You came to Bombay to become a leading actress in films. Here (photo) you can only look at yourself and say ‘God d **. Girl! Already soon!”

Sikander added, “Through your acting chops, you and Meryl Streep would have been great buds because you would often sit together at the Oscars.” He then joked, “Are mai hai who mary allowed hai (I have permission to compare because she is my mom).”

Sikander added, “But as always, life happened to the boy who was in ambush. I was the little thing that happened in your lap. You thought you’re a bundle of happiness, but you did not know what that bunker was. You never gave up, two rooms here and there, to cover up what I’re supposed to do ‘through the tears and fear I caused you by abandoning and making someone else yours. “

Sikander At the end of his poem, “A few days ago someone asked me, ‘Sikander, do you believe in God?’ So I thought for a moment, ‘Yes I do, she lives in my mother’. So mom, you will always be my leading lady. Emotionally listening to her son’s poem, Kiran replied, “How sweet” and hugged him.

In the previous promo of the episode, the mother-son duo shared a laugh after the daughter-in-law asked Kirron Sikander. Upon hearing the request, Sikander waved to the contestant on stage and said, “Main Salta Han, Baat Mee Milenge (I will leave, we will meet later),” and everyone burst out laughing.

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