Shruti Haasan on negative comments: ‘They called me hot but that is my aesthetic and it makes me strong’ | Bollywood

Shruti Hassan composed the music before coming to the screen. In those days, the actor-musician was identified with Goth culture and created his own look for it. When he recently withdrew the film on his social media, the actor saw many negative comments with people calling him a witch (witch).

In a recent conversation, Sruthi talked about the time he took a break from acting to focus on music. This time, she too returned to her Goth aesthetic.

Speaking to Pingwilla, Sruthi described how many social media users would be confused by her Goth look and image, calling names like ‘Vampire’ and ‘Sudail’ online. “When I took a break from filming for a while and started focusing on story writing music in London, I decided to go back to the same level. Some people don’t understand it and say she looks like a vampire, horror / scorpion, ”she said.

However, the actor added that he refused to allow all these negative comments to bother him. Eventually all such ideas dried up. “It simply came to our notice then. You can call me Sudail, that is my aesthetic and it makes me feel powerful. Now they have given up, ”Sruthi explained.

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Sruthi returned to acting after a gap of two years with the release of the film Yara in 2020. In 2021, he was seen in five different releases in both Telugu and Hindi. He will next appear on screen in the Telugu and Kannada bilingual film Salar starring Prabhas. Sruthi told HD last year about balancing movies and music, “I am at the best stage of my life and I really enjoy myself and my work. The past year has humbled us all, removed our sense of control and pushed us to find more balance.

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