Shilpa Shetty gets emotional after watching a show inspired by Ramayana on IGT; Govinda, ‘I am not talking’ | Bollywood

Shilpa Shetty was thrilled to see the show inspired by Ramayana in the Holy Special episode of India’s Got Talent Season 9. Guests Govinda and Karisma Kapoor were also seen clapping as they watched Crazy Hoppers’ performance. In the new promo of the show, which airs this Saturday and Sunday, all the judges stood up to the dance troupe and applauded. read more: Govinda dances to Karisma Kapoor’s hit song Yubi Wala Tumka’s India’s God Talent song ‘Purane Din Yaat Aa Gaye’

“Holy Special Episode Main #CrazyHoppersGotTalent ke adbhut performance ne kar diya humare guests @ govinda_herono1 & @therealkarismakapoor ko nishabd!” Sony Entertainment shared a promo clip on Instagram on Thursday titled. In the clip, Shilpa heard the band perform “Wow,” “Oh My God” and “Wa-Wa”. The actress was seen in tears after the performance.

Shilpa saluted the performance of the crew. “Aap sabko mera honar salam (I salute your story),” she greeted with a gesture.

Govinda also praised the performance of Crazy Hoopers. “Nishabt ho gaya ho mai (I’m not talking)” said the actor. Karishma also seemed to be inspired by this act and was folding her arms towards them as they performed. Badshah was excitedly hitting the table during the act. At the end of the clip, Karisma, Govinda, Shilpa, Badshah and other judges – Kron Kerr and Manoj Mundrashir – were seen standing and clapping for the artists.

Earlier advertisements for the episode showed Govinda and Karisma dancing on stage to their iconic UP Wala Dumka song from their 1997 movie Hero No. 1 at the request of a contestant. In another promo, Govinda appeared on stage with the Bomb Fire Crew’s rivals, dancing in the frame frame of the 2000 film Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hain, which was filmed on her and Sonali Bendre.

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