Sharmaji Namkeen Trailer: Rishi Kapoor, Paresh Rawal with the same adorable, loving character in the relay race. See | Bollywood

The Sharmaji Namkeen trailer has been released in which Rishi Kapoor and Paresh Rawal are both cast in the same role. It also stars Juhi Chawla.

The late actor Rishi Kapoor will make his last appearance on screen in the upcoming film Sharmaji Namkeen. The first trailer of the film was released on Thursday. In the film, Paresh Rawal completes parts that are yet to be filmed after Rishi’s death in 2020. So in essence, both the actors play Sarmaji in the film. (Read more: When Rishi Kapoor’s father Raj Kapoor’s wise words revealed: ‘I am your father, not your secretary’)

Sarmaji is a newly retired middle class man looking for new hobbies. His sons tell him to take yoga, zumba or driving classes. But Sarmaji is good at cooking. He soon finds some women looking for a chef for their satsang event, but it turns out to be a bit of a slanderous kitty feast. Despite being offended at first, Sharma ji soon befriends women, especially Juhi Chawla.

The official summary states: B.G. Sharma, a 58-year-old widow, is one of millions of faceless people in this mediocre practice known as life. One good day, the company he works for, fires him. தட்! Life will stagnate. Sharma struggles to cope with this beast of rest. He is finding ways to be relevant, but only ends up in the ways of his sons. Until one day, he interacts with happy women. They revive in Sharma, usually interested in cooking and chutzpa, which helps him discover his true calling in life.

Fans of the cast were delighted to see him playing the same role. “It is sad and happy to see Rishi Sarai in the trailer,” one wrote. “Two legends in one frame,” wrote another. Besides, Paresh and Rishi did not share a frame.

The film stars Suhail Nayyar, Taruk Raina, Satish Kaushik, Sheeba Satta and Isha Talwar. Directed by Hitesh Patia, it will be released on March 31.

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