Sharda Sinha: Folk music works wonders when used in movies

Padma Bhushan awardee Sharda Sinha says that folk music and Bollywood cinema complement each other and if combined together it will become a successful formula. Sinha provided the background for such films Maine Pierre Kia, Hum Aapke Hain Gown And Gangs of Wasipur.

“The purpose of cinema is huge and lasting. It reaches millions of people through various media. When a movie score has strong folk elements, if it is clicked, it will do wonders for the movie. Film Aur Lok Keith Ek Doosre Ke Purak Hai… They can excel commercially and popularly. Folk music also benefits from film music, and we saw how beautifully Madan Mohan used this factor in his songs. If folk music is used in movies, it will definitely be an incredible work, ”says a folk singer who visited Lucknow.

In the presence of Padmasree Malini Awasthi at UPSNA in Lucknow, singer Sharda Sinha receives the Lok Nirmala Award from UP Governor Anandiben Patel.  (Deepak Gupta / HT)
In the presence of Padmasree Malini Awasthi at UPSNA in Lucknow, singer Sharda Sinha receives the Lok Nirmala Award from UP Governor Anandiben Patel. (Deepak Gupta / HT)

Sinha recalled, “My original Bhojpuri mix was much loved by the producers and composer Ramlaxman recreated it in Bollywood style. Kahe Dose Sajna (MPK) And Babul you (HAHK) Well done. Thar Bijli Se Badle Humre Pia (GOW) Again a Sanskar Keith and that too got a lot of love and it gives me great pleasure to be a part of most wedding celebration today.

The singer says she was selected when filming a movie song. “I was in government work. Later, I had a family, my academy in Bihar and I wanted to promote folk music and culture all over the world. Now my daughter and student Vandana Bhardwaj is carrying on the tradition. Films also took place in between.

Sinha recalls how his music career began in 1971 in Lucknow. “I was selected as the judge for my first recording song in Lucknow with the legendary Begum Akhtar. HMV was chasing young talent and auditions were taking place in Room 11 at the Burlington Hotel. Initially, I was disqualified, but then I got a second chance to act in front of Mallika-e-Kajal. She picked me up and advised me to do a lot of rias. This is the Parampara-Sanskar Keith (Twar hairstyle tradition where sisters ask newlyweds for money) that I learned from my Bobby in Maithli.

Sinha has sung for many albums like Sanskar Keith, Ritu Keith, Vidyapati Keith, Keith-Kasals, Maidali, Hindi, Bangla, Nagpuri, Makhai and Bhojpuri. “It’s been over 50 years, so I’m lost count now. I started during single records, when we had LPs, audio cassettes, video cassettes, CDs, VCDs and digital media.

At a time when songs are going viral overnight, “It’s good to have us today, those who become stars overnight, those who do not have the learning, the training and the rhythm, sometimes a song becomes amazing. In the long run, all of these things are important and the hardest thing is to retain the star. You need a lot of patience besides training to reach heights and stay on top.

The singer was praised by the governor

Governor Anandiben Patel on Wednesday lauded folk singer Padma Bhushan Sharda Sinha for presenting the Lok Nirmala Award at the Sangeet Natak Akademi in Uttar Pradesh. The award was instituted by folk singer and Padmasree Malini Awasthi in memory of her mother Nirmala Devi.

“The award has been given to Tejan Bai and Gulabo Sabera in previous years 1 lakh cash and a certificate, ”said Awasthi, founder of the NGO Sun Syria.

The singer was introduced by poet and writer Yatindra Misra. Sinha captivated the audience with his folk songs Jai Jai Bhairavi And Jagdamba Gar Main. When she acted Patna Se Baida Bulayoda Some of the women and folk artists who attended the event began to dance. The evening reached its glory when she sang Thar Fiji Se. Artists Shakurala Nirudya and Parade also provided.

The Governor congratulated the winners of the Amirtha Mahosawa held online. The winners were Ramkumar Soni and Krishna Kumar Soni from Madhya Pradesh, followed by Vedika Misra from Panna. The event was attended by a large number of music enthusiasts.

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