Sharad Malhotra: TV is my bread and butter, but in the current scenario we have to adapt

Actor Sharad Malhotra talks about splitting into various media that are further triggered by the epidemic.

Epidemic really changed the dynamics of entertainment, with content that audiences enjoy and medium actors choosing work. Due to the uncertainty that filming could have at any time, the actors face the dilemma of choosing between projects that end quickly and with long commitments such as daily soaps. Actor Sharad Malhotra says change is only permanent.

“I have been clear from day one that TV is my bread and butter. That was my first love. I give so much voice about it. But we have to look at the current situation and change accordingly. We all have to do it, ”explains Banu Main Teri Dulhan.

The 39-year-old says he takes into account how long it takes to say yes to a project. “It’s an hour-long call to shoot for projects for a month and a half, then move on to the next location. It could be a project on OTT, a film or something, “he shares.

So, what’s wrong with him? Malhotra says, “I have not yet landed in the web. I didn’t think much of it … I starred in TV for over a decade, played great characters, and received love and admiration. But you have to move and advance to the next level. Obviously OTT or film is the next big thing you can do. I’m in touch with people who are interested in casting me in web projects.

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