Shamita Shetty meets Rakesh Babat’s family in Pune; Fans say we are not ready for this. See pictures

Shamita Shetty recently visited her boyfriend Rakesh Babat and his family at their home in Pune. He also posed for films with actor Rakesh Babat, his sister Sheetal Babat and daughter-in-law Isha Babat. The couple’s fans were surprised when Sheetal shared the pictures on his Instagram account, and dropped heart emojis in the post. Read also | Rakesh Babat talks about his bond with Shamita Shetty: I will not name it a relationship; She is a dear friend

Sheetal shared the pictures on his Instagram handle on Sunday, and titled them Red Heart Emoji, Hugging Emoji and Angel Emoji. The first picture showed Sheetal with Rakesh and Shamita on both sides and Isha standing next to Shamita. The second picture shows Shamita and Rakesh hugging Isha holding a dog. Shamita can be seen in a white dress and shoulder, and she also shared pictures of it on her Instagram account.

As soon as this post was shared, many fans of Rakesh and Shamita affectionately called them #ShaRa. Others called the pictures a “great surprise.” Some were surprised to see Shamita meet Rakesh’s family and commented, “Someone pinch me.”

Others wrote that they were not ready for these films. One comment was, “We weren’t ready for this, but we were so ready for it !?” Some thanked Sheetal for posting the picture, with the caption “Damn, thank you so much for posting.” One fan wrote, “Crying! It’s very beautiful, ”commented another,“ Family Vibrations. Beautiful pictures. “

Rakesh Babat and Shamita Shetty fell in love after meeting Bigg Boss at OTT house. Recently, there were rumors of a split, which Shamita denied through her Instagram account. When Rakesh was asked about rumors that he was living in his hometown of Pune with Shamita, who lives in Mumbai, he told the Hindustan Times, “I do not understand where these rumors are coming from. We are not talking about these things.

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