Shama Sikander reveals how James Milliron helped her during her depression, ‘Sorry, I can not leave’ | Bollywood

Shama Sikander, who married James Milliron at a white wedding in Goa on March 14 after an eight-year relationship, has opened up about how her husband helped her during stress. Shama and James started dating in 2015 after meeting through a mutual friend in Mumbai. Last month the actor said they had been waiting two years for the wedding they wanted. Read also | Shama Sikander and James Milliran get married, see pictures of the first bride and groom at their ‘India Meets America’ wedding

Shama said she struggled with depression when they started dating, but during those difficult times James stuck with her and refused to leave her.

He told Pingvilla, “I met him. I was still depressed. I was depressed from time to time. I did not want anyone around me when I passed these feelings. I wanted those around me. He did not dare go, everyone will leave, but he is not alone. “

Shama, who called James a good listener, said, “I told him to get out, ‘Go and leave me,’ but he went to the door, and then he looked back at me, and I was numb. Sorry, but I can not leave, I’m sitting here, I’ll be with you, I do not know how to fix this. That’s how it was, and when I woke up in the morning I was in a good mood and it changed a lot of things. “

The actor said it was the first time a boy had the courage to be with him when he was handling his situation. He said he enjoyed these matches for the next three to four years in the relationship and that James stood by him throughout. James said Shama gave him full support whenever he struggled with his emotional state.

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