Shah Rukh Khan, who left for Mumbai airport security a few days after the release of the Pathan teaser, was greeted with a handshake. See | Bollywood

Actor Shah Rukh Khan was spotted at the Mumbai airport when he left for Spain on Friday night. Several videos and pictures of the actor at the airport were released online. For his trip, Shah Rukh wore a black T-shirt and matching pants and a blue jacket. He was wearing dark sunglasses, a mask and a helmet. (Read more | Witty Shahrukh Khan returns to Twitter with AMA session, when fan asks ‘Is this Din Kahan The?’)

In a video shared by a Paparazzi account on YouTube, Shah Rukh Khan was seen walking towards the entrance of the airport, greeted by a man hugging him. At the entrance, CISF personnel gestured for him to move slowly, forcing the actor. As CISF personnel told him to go upstairs, Shahrukh bowed his hands and entered the airport.

According to reports, Shah Rukh is going to Spain for the shooting of his upcoming film Patan. The film will be released in theaters on January 25, 2023. On Wednesday, Shah Rukh took to social media to surprise his fans by releasing the first teaser and release date of the upcoming film. The film also stars Deepika Padukone and John Abraham.

“I know it’s late … but remember the date … Pathan time is starting now … We will meet in theaters on January 25, 2023. Released in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Shah Rukh wrote on Twitter.

The teaser begins with John and Deepika introducing Shah Rukh Khan’s character as a man in the film. After a few seconds, Shahrukh comes out of the shadows in a white shirt and makes his entrance, and can be seen talking about his love for the country.

Following the release of the teaser, Shah Rukh Khan spoke to fans on Twitter at the Ask Me Anything (AMA) session. During the session, a fan asked the actor, “Itne din hahan kayab the (where have you been missing for so many days)?” He replied, “Kyalon Main (in my thoughts) …” A Twitter user referred to an upcoming picture of Aamir Khan and asked the actor, “Did Lal Singh Satta hold (did you see Lal Singh Satta)?” Shahrukh, “Arre yaar amir kehta hai behle pathan diga (Aamir told me to show Pathan) !!”

Directed by Siddharth Anand, Pathan is said to be an action-thriller. Shah Rukh Khan last starred opposite Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif in the 2018 film Zero.

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