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Before the New Year, social media saw the story of an Egyptian travel agent who exempted an Indian professor for not paying because he was from Shah Rukh Khan’s country. Like many of Shah Rukh Khan’s films of the 90s, this story has now come to a perfect conclusion.

On Saturday, the professor in question – Ashwini Deshpande – said on Twitter that Shah Rukh had noticed the incident and that Shah Rukh had sent his Egyptian fan a handwritten note and handwritten note of appreciation, as well as pictures signed by his daughter. And even the professor’s daughter.

On New Year’s Day, the story began when Aswini tweeted about how an Egyptian travel agent had made an exception about the problems with paying for being “Shah Rukh Khan’s countryman”. Later in a viral tweet, he wrote, “Transfer money to a travel agent in Egypt. There was a problem transferring. He said: You are from amsiamsrk country. I believe you. I book, you pay me later. Nowhere else, I would not do this. But @iamsrk & he did anything.

Both Travel Agent and Aswini have received a lot of praise from fans on the internet. A few days later – on January 10 – she released an update that she and her husband had been able to meet with a travel agent in Egypt.

Requesting a signed picture of the star with Shahrukh’s production company Red Chillies Entertainment, he tweeted, “My husband and I finally met the person in this story today! I told him about the tsunami of good joy that created his story. RedChilliesEnt: He would be happy with a photo of மகiamsrk autographed in his daughter’s name if possible. If you can arrange this please DM me, thank you! ”

Shahrukh Khan's handwritten note for an Egyptian travel agent shared by Aswini on Twitter.
Shahrukh Khan’s handwritten note for an Egyptian travel agent shared by Aswini on Twitter.

And Shahrukh insisted. On Saturday, the professor posted via Twitter that the star had not only sent manuscripts of his photos, but also a note written by the person’s handwriting. “It simply came to our notice then. There are 3 photos signed by SRK today, one with the best news for the Egyptian travel agent and the other with his daughter and my @Ketaki_Varma, ”Ashwini tweeted before thanking Shahrukh’s manager Pooja Datlani. The tweet ended with “Thanks for contacting @pooja_dadlani & of course loving gesture to @iamsrk”.

In the pictures he posted on Twitter, the message sent by Shahrukh to the travel agent was known. In a handwritten note, Shahrukh said, “Thank you for being kind to my fellow Indians. Very kind and generous to you. May your good souls abound ”

All the fans praised Shah Rukh for this sweet act. “Awesome! For those who follow this little story, what a perfect SRK decision !!! “One commented.” Charming for a reason, “another added. One fan summed up the general feeling when they tweeted,” This is மற்றும்iamsrk for women and mothers. Pure class and elegant Man. That is why he is king! ”

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This has been one of Shah Rukh Khan’s rare public news for the past few months. It is noteworthy that the star has been out of public view since his son Aryan Khan was caught up in a drug case in October. Aryan was arrested from the cruise ship by the Narcotics Control Unit and released on bail after 25 days in jail. Shahrukh has since distanced himself from social media and public appearances, with the exception of the odd business post.

The actor is currently shooting for his upcoming action-adventure film Pathan starring Deepika Padukone and John Abraham.


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