Sayyid Shinde of Lock Up Says Munawar Farooqi Loved Himself As A Young Man: ‘I Never Enjoyed It’ | Internet series

Celebrity costume designer Saiyasha Shinde was kicked out of the reality show lock-up a few days ago and presenter Kangana Ranaut was silent as the two argued. Saiyasha is one of the popular contestants in this show. While in prison, Saiyasha spoke openly about her attraction to fellow contestant comedian Munawar Farooqi. In an interview after he left, he drew himself towards Munawar and opened up about where it started. read more: Locked up Saiyasha Shinde looks at Anjali Aurora with envy: ‘I do not like her holding the hand of Munawar Farooqi’

Lock Up is a captivity based reality show hosted by Kangana Ranaut. Sees famous rivals locked up in fake prisons without any basic facilities. There, they have to compete in missions to win their own amenities and luxuries.

Saiyasha said she grew close to Munawar during the show. She said she felt in love with herself as a teenager and felt transgender that she did not. Speaking to, he said, “It’s time he started pulling my leg, instead I did it, it all started for me. Those little innocents, those moments, made me feel like a teenager. Love. That kind of made me feel like I was 16. It made me feel like a little girl, and it was beautiful. “

Saiyasha said he was attracted to Munawar because of how normal he was. He added, “For a transgender person, it is very important to be treated like other women. Even with Munawar and Siddharth Sharma, they did it immediately. Sid was a little reluctant at first, but Munna treated me very casually from the word. Go.”

Comedian Munawar Farooqi spent a month in Indore jail last year on charges of inciting religious hatred during one of his stand-up shows.

Kangana Ranaut’s Judgment Day episodes are streamed on weekends on Alt Balaji and MX Player for seven days.

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