Saysha Shinde of Lock Up says she has feelings for Munawar Farooqi but ‘it can’t be two way’ | Internet series

Saiyasha Shinde admitted her feelings on lock-up co-competitor Munawar Farooqi and said that she leaned on him because she had a soft corner with the team during the mission. During the latest lock-up episode, he said he knew it would never be “two-way”. (Read also: Sayisha Shinde says ‘there was a woman inside who had sex with a homosexual’)

As soon as Poonam Pandey completed a secret mission, it was announced that he could not succeed in it as he saw a few contestants doing it. The guards said the goods would not be returned as they had plunged all the contestants into grief. The work letter was handed over to Saiyasha Shinde. Munawar then asked Saisha about the contents of the letter and he took the letter to read it.

Sarah Khan, who was watching the conversation, interrupted and snatched up the letter, leaving Saisha, declaring, “Read to him, he will not believe me.” Sarah then went to Saisha and asked, “Are you crazy? What are you thinking? Are you crazy or what?” She began to shout. As Saiyasha continues to walk, Sarah follows her, “Is she crazy? She’s lost it.” Sarah told Nisha Rawal and the rest of her team that Saisha was going to hand over the letter to the opposing team.

After a long fight with her own team members, Saiyasha walked away and Nisha whispered asking if it was a fake fight. Saiyasha yelled that she did not know if it was a fake fight. Saiyasha then fights back with her teammates as he cools down and hugs Sarah. She said to Sarah, “I’m going to be stoned. I do not want these accusations to go smoothly towards the Orange team. I do not know why, but I have a soft spot on the dove.”

Sarah was shocked, and Saiyasha added, “I (Munawar have a soft spot) I feel about him. I know it will only happen if I make a decision with him in mind because one way, it will never be two way. If anything, it’s because of this particular group.

Sarah agrees with Saisha that it will not be two-way, and asks Sarah Saisha if Munawar knows her feelings. Then Saiyasha said, “No, no one knows. No one can know, no one should know.” Sarah said it was adorable, but there were tears in Saisha’s eyes, “No, I know nothing, it hurts.”

Then Sarah said, “Yeah, it’s not going to happen. I’m your friend, I’ll tell you my honest opinion. I’m telling you it’s never going to happen because he’s different. I understand, it’s so scary.

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