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Sarah Jessica Parker has stated that she does not want to star with Kim Catrol in the future for Sex and the City rights. Kim is missing from the owner’s spin app, Last Year’s Just and Like That.

The rivalry between Sarah Jessica Parker and her Sex and the City co-star Kim Cadrol is no secret to their fans, especially after Kim disappeared from the owner’s TV series Just Like That. In a new interview, Sarah revealed that she will not be sharing screen space with Kim for future projects on Sex and the City ownership due to their public rivalry.

The final episode of the And Just Like plate aired on Thursday. The show brought back Sarah as Gary Bradshaw, Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbs and Christine Davis as Charlotte York Goldenplot. Kim spin-off starring Samantha Jones is not back.

In an interview with Variety, when asked if she would return to the screen with Kim’s Sex and the City franchise, she said, “I do not think I will, because I think there’s more to the general history of emotions than her part. I did not participate in or read the articles, However, people want to let me know. “

Kim has previously cited tensions with his fellow stars and said he will not return to ownership. In 2018, Kim took to Instagram to express her anger over Sarah. “I do not need your love or support at this sad time, Sarah Jessica Parker,” he posted. In the title, he called Sarah ‘hypocrite’ and ‘cruel’. She said, “I say this very clearly. (If I have not already) You are not my family. You are not my friend. So I am writing to tell you one last thing that you should stop using our sadness to reclaim your ‘good girl’ personality.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kim may be referring to the death of her brother Chris, which Sarah discussed at the Bally Center for Media’s Even Evening with the Cost of Divorce. Sarah also posted a message of condolence on Kim’s Instagram post about her brother’s death.

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The ten-episode HBO Max Original Series and Just Like That premiered on December 9th.

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