Sankaram Singh says that Payal Rohatki was told he was not well: ‘There was a Brahmin, he was a fraud …’ | Internet series

Indian wrestler Sangram Singh recently announced that he will be marrying his fiance Payal Rohatki in July. The announcement came after Payal emotionally expressed his frustration over not being married to Sankara for 12 years. He said it on the episode of the reality show Lock Up, one of the contestants. (Read more: Sankaram announces wedding date after watching Payal cry on lock up)

Putting an end to all speculations about their relationship, Sankaram announced their wedding date. “Payal is a very good girl. We are equal, every couple thinks and lives the same way. We planned to get married in March, but due to the work of the two of us, we could get married closer to my birthday in July. God bless you all, ”he said in a tweet.

Now, in a new interview, Sangram sheds more light on what prevented them from taking the plunge. He said Payal was told he did not have the right choice. Speaking about the fights that can happen to them after Payal and marriage, he said, “Jahan do bartan hain, wahan avas du aayegi (in a house full of characters, some noise is always expected). But Payal is a very beautiful woman. I think she did not understand. We both give a lot of freedom to each other creatively, ”he told the Times of India.

“I remember a lot of people predicting that our relationship would not last. Payal told me I was not the right woman. There was a Brahmin who was deceitful; Payal used to worship him. I told him to stop everything. When that man does not know his future, how can he tell our future? For every relationship. It has its own differences. But trust me, we were thick and never took a break in our relationship, ”he added.

In the Lock Up episode, Payal was emotional when co-contestant Karanveer Bohra told her he wanted a ‘slave to her husband’. Payal was saddened to think what Sankaram’s parents would think about this, considering that it was already so late in their marriage. He also said that Sankaram’s friends have been telling him not to get married.

“He is not Joru Ka Ghulam. Our marriage is already 12 years late. I do not want his parents to think that he needs a Joru Ka Ghulam for practice, which is why our marriage is delayed. How did he get the courage to speak so privately? Have I ever talked about his wife? Did you know we have been engaged and not married for so long. And Sankaram’s friends provoke him. I did not get married because I did not come to a point where I was engaged for so long. I want to marry Sankarama. “People tell him, ‘You’re a Jat, a woman should behave like this,'” Boyle said.

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